Anatomy Of Unsafety & Insecurity

  • Proprietary Apps that are not open-sourced — easy to hide malware inside
  • Large Apps, even if open-sourced — too many bugs due to complexity, making them vulnerable in practice
  • Data that does not reside under user-control — vulnerable to 3rd-party malintent
  • Requiring permission from a central authority not anwserable to end-user — enslavement & censorship
  • Any collaboration App that requires non-participants to be in the middle of data-exchange — subject to voyeurism and surveillance

That's just for the Apps. This critique applies to your Browser, Operating System, Drivers, Chipset, CPU and the Networking infrastructure.


Our primary mission is:

Increase Empathy through rich collaborative experiences

To achieve this, we need a platform on which people can imagine, create and share content with the richness of Type-0 grammar, aka, computer programs instantaneoulsy. This leads to this problem:

How can you safely message and execute arbitrary code?

Historically, programs sent as email attachments could easily take over your computer. Much of safety in computing now is about NOT running programs. Thus, all people can message today is static content like text, photo, audio or video. Imagine the depth of engagement of a multiplayer online game. Now imagine creating similar, customized content in seconds or minutes, whose subject matter has deep personal value. Such limitless capability is, at best, only available to the tech elites amongst us.

We have figured out a solution, and packaged it as a singular platform: MagicUsers. Unfortunately, your general computing device is hopelessly compromised for historical reasons. The closest safe computing environment, for now, is your Web Browser. Firefox and Chromium are open-source projects, and given their universal availability, we have implemented our first solution to be browser based. Which brings up an important point:

Your software must be open-source. It is necessary (though insufficient) for safety

The next point, that we adhere to strictly, is that we never ask for identifying information from our end-users. No registrations, no emails, no phone numbers, no real name. Nothing. Nada. Maximum privacy.

All our collaboration software preserves user anonymity

Based on considerations like these, we built MagicUsers. We hope this leads to an era of rich human interactions that brings us closer together.

Own & Control

You own and control your computer, apps and data


In the worst case, everything stays sandboxed in the safety of your Web Browser


P2P, End-to-end Encryption and TLS supported out of the box

Open and Free

All our source-code is open. You may even start a competing service, if you adhere to our terms

No Monkeys

For collaborations, all data exchange is between participants, with no monkeys in the middle stealing or interfering

Caveat Emptor

For now, we are unsafe. We have yet to undergo trials by fire, e.g., beta-testing, that are necessary before a platform has high trustworthiness. Even so, until rest of the components are secured (OS, hardware, etc), the total picture will not change much either. But our platform sits on top of the software stack (front-facing Apps), so we are a good first step in creating safe computing for all on the planet.

Under Construction. Use at your own risk. Data may vanish anytime!